Enlightening Media bring you the very best is digital display technology – Offering full colour with brightest, whitest whites to the darkest blacks

Buying LED displays is the same as purchasing a car, entry levels can cost a fraction of the price a high end luxury vehicle will set you back.

The same consideration applies to the LED diodes’ performance/price ratio. A similar spec and size LED display from a small, foreign display manufacturer might cost you only 40% of a display from a well experienced company.

That’s because a high grade green LED diode from the best LED diode manufacturers such as Nichia (our primary LED diode provider) can cost as much as 300% more than from a cheaper equivalent display from a small LED factory.

To get a high resolution, vibrant color, long lasting and high end looking LED display sign, you need to pay for the higher performance and quality. Buying a low performance, low brightness LED display is a short term solution.

It may look good in the first several weeks or months, but will it still have the same brightness and use performance two or three years later.

Thus the money saved from buying a less expensive sign may have to be applied in a serious upgrade of that sign’s brightness levels or even more dramatic, replacing the entire sign. As the sign brightness degrades over time, so will your company’s image start to look a little less bright.

Enlightening Media use only Nichia branded diodes in it’s own outside advertising displays, we can also supply Cree, Epistar and Silan depending on your budget and application.

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