Shining Towers – Abu Dhabi

Traffic of over 40,000 cars each day flow past the iconic Shining Towers from Outer & Mid Abu Dhabi Cordon down to the Khalidiya Junction, situated near to the Corniche, Sheraton Hotel, Khalidiya Mall and Bateen.

This middle to upper class area offers 1.5m residents living locally to the 270 degrees view of full motion, captivating video content. Stretched over two large format high definition screens and complimented with a 45m long ticker-tape style banner connecting the two your brand will truly be seen from every angle.

Studies suggest that between 60-80% of drivers notice and engage whilst moving at an average traffic speed 45KM/Hr or coming to a complete stop with signal timings creating a captured audience for almost 3 minutes (Peak – 2m 35s / Off Peak – 2m 55s). Peak time offers over 7500 cars per hour.

There are a total of over a million cars registered in Abu Dhabi in 2016 in addition to this, 600,000 weekday trips to the capital each week day from surrounding states, of which 39% are work related trips, push this location to more than 1.6m monthly views.


  • 40,000 Impacts Per Day

  • 280,000 Impacts Per Week

  • 560,000 Impacts Per 2 Weeks