Digital Signage Statistics

Savvy business owners and managers understand the value of digital signage. It is a powerful visual communication tool that engages audiences, improves efficiency and reduces operating costs.

With digital signage, businesses are able to streamline communication with their employees and customers which improves engagement, productivity, and profits.

This healthy ROI is common across different industries:

Corporate Statistics

Forward thinking companies prioritize communication. Clear and engaging communication has a direct impact on engagement, which has a direct impact on productivity, which impacts the bottom line.

Digital signage allows corporate communicators to easily share important information and have real-time interactions with employees. Digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays and have a 47.7% effectiveness on brand awareness. For corporate communicators, this means their messages reach a wider audience while reinforcing the brand subtly.

Retail Statistics

The new retail buzzword is real-time retailing. It’s all about giving the customer what she wants, how she wants it and as close to when she wants it as possible. There is no more multichannel or omnichannel – it’s just the retailer and the customer.

This makes the retail industry the one to gain the most from digital signage, especially considering how fragmented the customer journey is.

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