The UK outdoor digital signage market: Where’s it heading in 2017?

Attitudes towards outdoor digital signage in the UK have changed over the last six years. Businesses used to be reluctant to incorporate digital signage for fear of failing to reap a return on investment. However, a study by SignStix indicates that 84 per cent of UK retailers regard digital signage as an “opportunity to significantly raise brand awareness.”

Why the change in attitude? Outdoor digital signage enclosure specialists, Armagard, cited improvements in technology and reduced costs as the key factors behind the renewed appeal of digital signage outdoors. Advances in technology have resulted in lower cost solutions, making it accessible to all industry sectors.

According to an article published on Digital Signage Today, back in the day, going digital outdoors tended to be reserved for the OOH advertising market. Why? The revenue generated by adverts was more than enough to offset the cost of the original investment in outdoor digital displays.

Now, outdoor digital advertising is the media powerhouse for many industry sectors, including education, healthcare, hospitality, retail, transportation and more. DOOH advertising is equipped to reach “on the go audiences” like never before.

As a result, more and more UK businesses have recognized the influence that digital signage has on customer decision making, leading many to adopt outdoor digital advertising as a solution for reaching wider audiences, faster and more effectively.

Outdoor digital advertising in the UK results in huge sales

Data published by Exertion Media indicates that outdoor digital signage “accounts for approximately 22 per cent of the outdoor market’s annual $1.22 billion sales and that percentage is expected to rise to 35 per cent by 2020.”

In the UK, Exertion Media says that “with one pound in every three pounds spent on outdoor advertising expected to go digital, it’s clear to see that outdoor digital signage is having a major impact on the way advertisers are engaging with Britain’s general public.”

That brings us nicely onto the British consumer. Not only have attitudes towards outdoor digital signage changed among end-users, they’ve changed among consumers. SignStix reports that 63 percent of people state that digital signage attracts their attention.

The effectiveness of digital outdoor advertising, in terms of attracting attention, far outweighs the power of TV, internet advertising and billboards, making digital signage the most sought after marketing tool in the UK.

The low-cost, yet highly engaging nature of digital signage gives UK businesses and institutions a flexible means of maximizing brand awareness potential and driving sales. In fact, SignStix points out that going digital outdoors results in an uptick in sales volume of 31.8 percent.

With digital signage use on the rise in Britain’s streets, drive-thru restaurants, car parks and other outdoor facilities, it’s clear that the DOOH landscape in Britain for 2017 – and beyond – is healthy and advancing at a rapid pace.




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